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Submit a site or a gallery

Hint: to submit a site you can use our search engine to find the good category, then click on submit in this category


1- No recip: No link
2- Important: please use a recip to the category in which you submit.
If you want to add a new girl, use a recip to the main site. (recips list, you can change slightly these recips if you want).
3- At least one picture on a website with informations, at least 10 pictures for a gallery post.
4- Don't submit free hosted galleries.
5- No pop ups, redirections, active X virus, trojan, dialer, unfair practices, no "penis pills", fake drugs, or other illegal content.
6- If i'm using the same sponsors as you, you won't probably be listed if there is a fhg with the same content. Also if i plan to create the gallery of the same girl or set myself, i won't list you even if you created the gallery first... (it may happen).
7- I delete offline webpages.
8- I list what i want, so if you are not listed you don't need to ask why.
I'll probably try to contact you, if the problem is small.
9- You have to guess the rules that are not written. (there are some)

10- Clean galleries with a correct recip, with a sponsor that i'm not using myself (or with a specific design) will probably be listed. i'm much more selective with porn content, but i list it too.

11- Please add [XXX] for a hardcore gallery, [Vid] for a video gallery and [XXX] [Vid] for a hardcore video gallery, just before your title (by now, i delete the gallery without this).

A gallery is hardcore for me if there is at least one man in the gallery. Lesbians with dildos/strapon or not are listed as softcore, so no need to add [XXX] in this case.

12- I don't list websites with "sex tapes" sponsors or "paparazzi" photos.
13- The "Other" and the "Links" categories are not for galleries. If a girl is not listed, submit your gallery in the category of the first letter of her first name. It is easier to manage for me.

How a gallery is listed or not (for your information)

- A gallery is submitted and i have to edit something: listed if i really like your gallery
- A gallery of a sponsor that i'm using myself: less and less listed
- I don't like the gallery: deleted
- Keyword stuffing (that gives weirds sentences): not listed

- Hardcore galleries that i don't like or if someone seems to suffer: not listed (i may list some artistic bdsm galleries, like softcore bondage for example).

- The girl looks too young: not listed (you can submit teen galleries, but don't use this word in your description or in your title, since it is not the subject of this directory and since this word is overused, if you need to use the word teen, for example, because it is a part of the name of the girl, replace the space before this word with an underscore: _)
- Free host: usually i don't list galleries on free hosts (i may list other websites on free hosts)
- This rule is also for you because you are wasting your time: your galleries contain recips to websites that won't list you (for example hardcore content to a glamour website, or to offline websites): You are only listed if i like your gallery.
- If i think that i have too many links to a given content, you won't be listed (eg: too much hardcore content for example, or if you submit 5 galleries per day for a sponsor i'm promoting myself).

- Original recip (my recip but edited and linked to a specific category): +1
- Usually more a description is vulgar and less it is listed (+ there is a lot of banned word).
- I know that it is hard to make new descriptions, but i hate descriptions like "(pornstar) skips on cocks" or "(pornstar) toys her twat" ("twat" is a banned word btw). First they are vulgar and second, some people use it over and over.
- It is less ans less a good idea to use a submitter in auto submit mode, to submit here.

Feel free to submit non nude websites.

Usually i list 30-40% of the submitted galleries, but you have more chance to get listed if i have nothing to edit.

Submitted galleries from twistys and karups will probably be deleted in the future, even if, for the moment, i'll probably continue to list some of them (i have far too much content from these sponsors and i can myself use the same design over and over to create 1000 galleries automatically, WITHOUT 5Ko of inaccurate meta tags)

Current sponsor policy (this is only for your information: i list what i want):

digitaldesire: listed if the girl is not listed now or under a new name while this name is not listed now in this directory (you must submit an useful information). Galleries are not subject to deletion, in this case (!). Usually since every FHG should be listed here, they are usually just not listed.
Twistys: listed if i like the gallery or if the girl is not listed now. These galleries are subject to deletion. Don't waste your time to submit old galleries (don't submit over and over the same asian models for example).
Karups: same thing as twistys, these galleries are subject to deletion.
Allover30 or Anilos: if the woman is listed and if i like the gallery, i list it. If she looks too old, she won't be listed (for example, if she is called hazel something).
DDF sites: if the gallery is not censored i'll probably list it (i'm an affiliate there, but i don't plan to promote them in a near future). I don't think that i have too much galleries from them, at least, right now.
Sites where women are fighting: If i see that someone is forced to do something (i mean staged, of course !), not listed.
CCbill sites: Listed if i don't promote the sponsor myself.

There is other sponsors and there is no real rule for them, so here comes the generic rules:

Galleries that look like an ad for:
- a famous photo editor
- a cheap aesthetic surgeon from the west coast
- synthetic skin

won't just be listed.

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