You can use your own recip links, if:

- the recip links to us (of course)

- If your link include the subject of your gallery, for example: Pantyhose at timdir, Shay Laren at timdir (not mandatory: with a link to the Shay Laren's section, in which your gallery should be listed if you are submitting a gallery of her !)

- A sentence is better than a word ! Your subject, your verb and the location, with a link: "There is pantyhose galleries at timdir", is better than "pantyhose a timdir", however both links will be accepted.

- The links and the text are visible. (the best option is to use a table tag, with a background color).

- It is better if you change your recips from time to time.


(model name) at TimDir
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Find more Models at TimDir
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Find more centerfolds at TimDir
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Find more pornstars at TimDir
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